About Natfin

The Centre for Financial Inclusion and Planning (Natfin) is a philanthropic Trust set up by a group of professionals with experience in such fields as finance, policy making, bureaucracy, social work, and media. They have joined hands to (i) make financial services available, feasible, and affordable to the sections of society which are still out of reach of formal financing, and (ii) promote financial literacy and financial planning.

They want these goals to be achieved in a manner that is beneficial for both the beneficiaries and the financial sector

Governing Council

The details of governing council members are as follows:

Awanish Kumar Mishra


Awanish Kumar Mishra straddles the domains of media, finance, academics, policy making, and digital transformation.

An alumnus of reputed institutions like the Ramjas College (Delhi University), the Indian Institute of Management (Indore), the Xavier Institute of Communications (Mumbai), the Indian Institute of Capital Market (Navi Mumbai), and the National Institute of Securities Market (Navi Mumbai), Mr. Mishra is a public intellectual of repute.

He has appeared as an expert on prominent TV news channels, including Indian official broadcasters, and BBC. He has been a regular guest at All India Radio to discuss the issues related to financial inclusion, financial planning, capital markets, and economic policy.

After quitting UTI Mutual Fund in 2003, Mishra worked with several major media houses, including Dainik Bhaskar (Resident Editor-Delhi NCR), Dainik Jagran (Corporate Editor) and Amar Ujala(Economic Editor). Later, he founded a personal finance magazine, Money Mantra, which he edited till July 2013.

Currently, Mr. Mishra is working on a project, ‘Risk Mitigation Mechanism in Financial Market.’ The project strives to protect small investors from scams and promote fair play.

For Mr. Mishra, subjects like financial inclusion and financial planning are not just academic matters but also a passion. He wants to enliven with his enthusiasm and knowledge.

Ajay Pratap Singh

Managing Trustee

When it comes to envisioning the path a project should undertake, Ajay stands out. He believes that possessing a clear business vision is crucial, especially for a legal advisor. Over the years, he has offered his wisdom and counsel to a diverse set of individuals and Organisations, which includes emerging businesses, established domestic firms, and major international corporations. Ajay's advisory extends to assisting overseas businesses seeking to establish their presence in India, guiding them through the processes of setting up subsidiaries, branches, and liaison offices, as well as helping them navigate the nuances of real estate acquisitions.

Ajay Pratap Singh possesses an impressive combination of legal expertise and business insights, thanks to his background as a lawyer complemented by a business degree. His understanding of both the national and international business environment is deep-rooted, spanning more than twenty five years, with a significant portion of his career dedicated to the Media sector and law.

He has made notable contributions to various sectors, such as Aviation, Real Estate, and Government Administration. He has a knack for blending strategic thinking with sound business judgment. Moreover, his ability to effectively plan and allocate resources has made him a sought-after expert. His accomplishments in the Media realm include guiding the successful launch of several channels, with a highlight being his adept handling of licenses, particularly under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting's stringent guidelines.

In the complex world of operations and legalities, Ajay has been a guiding force for many organizations. He has worked closely in an in-house capacity while also providing valuable consultancy to a range of industries. His deep dive into public policy, combined with a thorough understanding of the legal intricacies of governance, showcases his commitment to the foundational laws, especially the Constitution of India.

One of the critical aspects of any business is compliance with regulations, and this is another area where Ajay’s expertise is evident. He ensures that companies not only follow the statutory registrations but also stay compliant in their operations. His role in conducting detailed legal audits has ensured businesses operate within the boundaries of the law especially in terms of dispute resolutions, arbitrations, mergers and acquisitions.

Beyond his professional achievements, Ajay's character shines through his commitment to giving back to society. He is a firm believer in pro-bono work and has consistently taken initiatives to support the less privileged members of the community.

Ajay Pratap Singh is not just a seasoned Advisor; he is a blend of deep technical knowledge with a heart that believes in holistic societal growth. His profile exemplifies the perfect balance of professional acumen and personal values.

Prakash Chandra Sharma


Prakash Chandra Sharma is a seasoned policy expert and business strategist with more than 18 years of experience. He is an inclubator and seed investor, mentoring many successful Fintech, IT, and ERP ventures.

Mr. Sharma is a multifaceted person, with an MBA in Marketing & Human Resources and expertise in ERP, SAP (Services and Delivery and CRM Modules), blockchain, fintech, and artificial intelligence.

Well-versed in many languages—Mr. Sharma has also been involved in social and welfare activities. He has been involved in research and other activities of institutions like the People’s Foundation and Center for Civilizational Studies etc.

He also worked as OSD & PRO with Govt of India with Ministry of Tourism , Culture & Civil Aviation, From November 2014 to April 2017 & was instrumental into New Civil Aviation & Tourism Policy & was also associated with different initiatives and ventures.

Mr. Sharma is a well-known professional in the fields of Fintech and Agri-tech solutions.

Kavita Mishra


Kavita Mishra holds an MBA degree from the Kanpur University. Despite the degree, which she got in 1997, she chose teaching as her career. At present, she is teaching at the Little Flower Senior Secondary School in Delhi.

In her long teaching career, she realized that children ought to develop the habit of saving small amounts from the meager pocket money. The habit should be promoted so that they can contribute their bit to the money needed for higher education, vocational training, the hour of dire need, or even starting a small business.

This prompted her to start an online platform which helps not just kids but also grown-ups to work and save money in a manner that is judicious and beneficial for them.

Manish Kumar Mishra


Manish Kumar Mishra is a senior journalist, having spent more than 15 years with prominent media houses. Armed with a Master’s degree in Journalism and various NIMM certificates, he is well-known for his skills of explaining complex financial matters in a simple manner in easy language.

Owing to his experience in the media, he has the capability to make financial inclusion a reality at the grassroots level. Mishra is especially keen on inculcating the habit of saving at an early stage. He is passionate about promoting saving habits in families, especially among children.